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The June 16th Tradewinds Thursday call welcomed Ben Swanson, Regional Vice President of Partner Sales, from RingCentral. He discussed the new strategic partnership between RingCentral and Mitel.  Highlighted some partner wins and presented a top 10 list of features that differentiate RingCentral from its competitors.

About RingCentral

We work with our customers to reimagine the world of business communications and collaboration. This relentless passion for innovating has made us the #1 cloud communications provider worldwide, and we don’t plan on stopping there.

Technology breaks down barriers and unlocks potential, making it easy for people to do their best work together. In today’s mobile world, this means giving teams, partners, and customers the ability to communicate, collaborate, and connect the way they want on any device, anywhere, anytime. It’s what we call collaborative communications, and it’s at the heart of everything we do.

Our flexible, cost-effective cloud communications and collaboration solutions have created the ideal workplace where business can be done more efficiently and effectively. From an all-in-one cloud phone system with team messaging and video conferencing to a complete contact center, we build solutions for every business, no matter how big or small.

RingCentral + Mitel

RingCentral and Mitel Announce Strategic Partnership to Enable Customers to Transition Seamlessly to Cloud-Based Unified Business Communications

Strategic Partnership Overview

  • RingCentral has become the exclusive UCaaS Partner of Mitel
  • RingCentral MVP will be the go-forward cloud brand
  • Mitel will focus on its UC solutions.

Mitel Partnership Book

  • Highlights RingCentral’s Leadership Position
  • Highlights ease of transition with Migration Accelerator and Mitel handset integration

Download the eBook from the Partner Portal Today


Top 10 Features

10. RingCentral Webinar

This feature is now out of beta and ready for general use.  They have expanded the RingCentral Video to include large meeting rooms. As well as Webinar capability to up to 10,000 participants.  As a leader, RingCentral continues innovating and listening to customer needs to create a complete communication platform.

RingCentral platform screenshot

9. Whiteboard and Participant reactions

RingCentral MVP includes the message, video, and phone components together.  You can collaborate with multiple participants with the whiteboard feature.  You can also track how participants react to the presentation.

Graphic with 2 laptops showing digital communication

8. Remote desktop control

You can control the meeting participant’s screen from the other side of the meeting.  This feature dramatically helps remote workers and trainers that can’t be nearby.  It can be helpful in setting up a new PC for a new employee.

Remote desktop control screenshot

7. Advanced Meeting Insights

Provide a post-meeting experience that enhances the experiences of those who missed the meeting and those who attended.  It also includes live video transcriptions that can be activated during the video feed.  It allows users to review the meeting they had missed and focus on the essential highlights and critical points of interest.

Screenshot of a chat platform

6. Rooms chat and Proximity sharing

You can now start and meet on your mobile device and share to the meeting room—easy wireless content sharing right into the meeting with one-click Proximity Sharing.

Chatroom and phone platform screenshot

5. Mobile device management and account access restrictions

Security Control through management and access on your mobile device.  You can now secure individual users’ profiles on the mobile platform and remove them when they no longer have that device.

Mobile device management graphic

4. Mitel Handset Support

A customer using a Mitel platform today can move to RingCentral MVP.  RingCentral will honor total commissions when a client moves to the RingCentral Platform.

Mitel logo with 3 phones below it

3. Microsoft Teams

RingCentral is constantly adding additional features like fax support inside the RingCentral widget.

Microsoft Teams logo

2. Empowering LOBs with insights

More dedication to data analytics and real-time and historical data empowers Line of Business decision-makers.

Digital platform screenshot showing analytics

1. Enhancing phone management for end-users and admins

End-users can change the logical workflow to be your mobile phone first or ring the handset on your desk second, as well as set up an out-of-office assistant for your business phone system.

Digital phone platform screenshot

RingCentral SPIFFs and Promotions

RingCentral highlighted some important SPIFFs and Promotions for partners to utilize.  Visit for more information.

To learn more about RingCentral, visit