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The October 20th, 2022, Tradewinds Thursday call welcomed Raj Shah, National Key Account Manager, and Mark Smith, Key Account Director, from Vonage. Customer Experience has overtaken price and product as the # 1 brand differentiator. A recent study found that companies with a strong “customer experience strategy” were 89% more likely to retain their customers vs. only 33% for companies with a weak “Customer experience strategy.” This indicates that consumer expectations are changing. The most significant change we’re seeing is consumers wanting to communicate with brands using digital channels, e.g., using their favourite social media or directly within their mobile phone applications.

Vonage communication APIs are uniquely positioned. We believe that our unique stack of “programmable communications” is the key to helping brands stay ahead of this significant shift in consumer expectations. See how Vonage communication APIs effectively work as a building block to deliver unique customer experience journeys.

About Vonage

Change is an essential part of the Vonage DNA. Their original business brought VoIP to families and small businesses. And now they are making communications more flexible, intelligent, and personal to help enterprises around the world stay ahead. They have brought leaders in unified transmissions, contact centres, and communications APIs all under one roof. Together, they have created the world’s most flexible cloud communications platform. 

Orchestrate new customer journeys

Augmenting Customer Experiences with Vonage APIs

  • Voice and AI
    • Deliver “moments of AI” – any engine
    • Global SIP & in-app IP connections
  • Video
    • Built-for-purpose Visual Engagement
    • Service, advisors, “see what I see.”
  • Social Apps
    • WhatsApp, FB, and Viber conversations
    • Automate and reduce call volume
  • SMS
    • Easy notification and authentication
    • Global, immediate customer reach

Communications APIs Use cases for CX

  • Acquire and Authenticate
  • Notify
  • Engage
  • Support and Nurture

Enriched Experience: AI Bots, AI Analytics, Reporting, and Analytics

Award Winning Developer Experience

Graphic showing awards and statistics

Vonage has the best onboarding, post-integration, portal, and support. They have active developer communities, SDKs and Tools, and faster development with sample apps for everyday use cases. They have high-quality interactive videos, mobile apps, and voice and messaging embedded in the web.

In-app voice and AI Studio

In-app Voice

You get instant global reach with a richer app experience that is much simpler for users. Placing a call becomes as simple as clicking a button which means no more numbers to buy and manage. Boost App adoption and engagement by increasing app usage and user retention. There are no more roaming fees when users are travelling. It is free for users worldwide using an internet connection. Users also control the audio experience, including customizable menu options, speech recognition, bot automation, recording, and third-party biometrics and sentiment analysis support.

  • No more hotline numbers for users to remember.
  • Placing a call becomes as simple as clicking a button in the app.
  • Cost-effective for a business no more 13/1800 cost. And no more roaming fees for the customer – free calling worldwide using a data connection.
  • It helps boost app adoption & increases app usage and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduces spam calling and fraud.

AI Studio Customer Engagement Platform

Vonage AI studio chart

  • No-Code creation of automated conversation flows.
  • Build virtual agents that are trained with Machine Learning
  • Effortless communications across Voice, SMS, WhatsApp & HTTP channels
  • Built on Vonage’s proprietary NLU engine
    • Voice programmability with TTS & ASR for virtual agents
    • NLU algorithms enable intelligent conversation flows across verticals
  • Extend conversations with context via multiple connector options
  • Custom & seamless integrations into CRM, contact centre, analytics, and more for reporting & insights

AI Studio Example Use Cases

Build AI-Enhanced self-service interactions that engage every caller in natural language.

Vonage AI Studio services

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