Vendor Sales Incentives

Get more out of your sales opportunities with applicable vendor SPIFs!


2X MRR for 1 yr contract
4X MRR for 2 yr contract
6X MRR for 3 yr contract
Expires: 30/09/2019


Sumo Size SPIFF up to 800% of MRR
Fast Cash for opportunities up to $2000
Expires: 31/12/2019


Get up to $130AUD/line in early termination fee service credit for each user
you migrate from a competitor.
New Partner Bonus $875 on first deal
Up to 4X MRR no limit
Close multiple deals in Q3 for up to $28,000
Expires: 30/09/2019

NICE InContact

Get a $300 Amazon gift card just for registering a lead
with NiC that converts to an opportunity!
1.5X MRR
Expires 31/12/2019


Single-Tenant SPIFF $10,000 + 1X MRR
Expires: 31/12/2019


Bring It In. Up to 6X MRR
Expires: 30/09/2019

Grow More. Up to 5X MRR
Expires: 30/09/2019

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