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The March 17th Tradewinds Thursday call welcomed Philip Nunn, Senior Director, and Mike Metcalfe, an expert in Unified Solutions, from SnapComms. They discussed with the Tradewinds Partners some of the challenges of employee communications and what SnapComms offers to combat those issues.

About SnapComms 

SnapComms provides solutions to solve internal communication challenges for organisations worldwide. Our employee communication platform offers a range of channels to get employee attention, including alerts, tickers, wallpapers, screensavers, quizzes, surveys, and newsletters. 

SnapComms is now part of Everbridge, Inc. (NASDAQ: EVBG), a global software company and the leader in critical event management (CEM). Everbridge provides enterprise software applications that automate and accelerate an organisation’s operational response to critical events to keep people safe and businesses running. 

Before Everbridge, SnapComms was a self-funded, privately owned business growing from small beginnings. Determined to help more organisations improve employee communications, Sarah Perry and Chris Leonard launched SnapComms in 2007. Within three years, SnapComms grew without investors from zero to hero in the competitive sector of employee communication software, where it is now a global market leader. 

Customer service excellence and product innovation drive SnapComm’s success. SnapComms is now proudly serving more than 2.5 million paid enterprise users in 75+ countries (including several Fortune 50 companies). It is a Deloitte Fast 50 and Fast 500 international company and won the ICT Exporter of the year Award in 2015. 

Information overload is a significant and growing problem preventing organisations from being operationally effective and employees from being well informed. Our purpose is to help large organisations use the latest technologies to put important messages in front of employees in ways they can’t miss (and measure their impact). 

 The Challenges of Employee Communications Today 

One of the main challenges for Employee Communications is information overload.  Employees receive excessive emails, making it quite challenging to communicate effectively.  This can cause messages to be overlooked or ignored altogether by employees. 

30% of oevery workday is compromised by information overload, 122 emails received per employee per day, 50% of all internal communications aren't read

Who is sending these communications?

  • Operations
    • Implement change and new processes
  • Leadership
    • Publish emergency notification
    • COVID-19 Updates
  • HR
    • Canvass Employee Opinions
    • Raise Employee engagement
  • Marketing
    • Drive behavior change
  • Cyber Security
    • Improve Cyber Security
  • Compliance
    • Increase Compliance
  • IT
    • Notify of IT Outages
  • Inter Comms
    • Measure Internal Comms results
    • Reduce email overload

How does SnapComms solve the problem?

SnapComms is built on three pillars.  The first pillar ensures that the message can be displayed in front of employees and delivered right to the desktop. The second pillar is about engagement.  Employees are used to consumer-grade content.  It is about sending the right message in the right way.  The third pillar is ensuring that all of this data and information can be measured.

Message cut through, engaging communications, measurement

Two Different Motivations for SnapComms

Same Solution, different approach points.

Informer Persona

  • SnapComms Inform will deliver essential messages to guarantee reach to all employees, raise awareness, increase compliance, and drive action.

Engager Persona

  • SnapComms Engage will improve organizational culture, increase employee engagement, capture feedback, and measure workplace sentiment.

Graphic showing the difference between Informing and Engaging. Informing is an essential channel for important messages. Engaging is a comprehensive product suite for all employee communications.

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