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The April 21st, 2022, Tradewinds Thursday call welcomed Homa Popal, Channel Director, Nord Security, and Santhosh Suresh, Head of Sales Engineering, Nord Security. Nord Security offers a Cybersecurity suite of products that help protect an organization’s network (NordLayer), credentials (NordPass), and data (NordLocker). Nord Security’s offering is easy to sell and easy to implement. Learn why Nord Security can help improve your customers’ security posture. Nord Security’s products.  

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About Nord Security 

They are always looking for new experiences. They are driven by challenges that gain their wisdom and fulfillment along the way. They push the boundaries to create a safe online future, defining it with technology and innovation. They are a community with a global ambition to help secure people’s digital lives everywhere.  

Who is Nord Security? 

With over ten years in the market, 1,000 employees worldwide, 15 million users worldwide, and more than 5,000 businesses protected, Nord Security is a one-stop shop for advanced cyber security solutions: provides network access, credential, and file storage security for businesses of all sizes.   They are easy-to-use cyber security solutions where cutting-edge technology meets with a user-friendly experience. 

NordLayer, NordPass, and NordLocker products

Nordlayer Overview 

Without the protection & adaptability of NordLayer  

  • Slow & unreliable  
    • Utilizing a personal VPN for business means a single tunnel handles all user traffic through the network. This will often result in performance issues, including reduced speed and increased latency. 
  • Visible to outside users 
    • Traditional VPN gateways have a higher risk of being exposed to malicious attacks because they are public. Businesses can mitigate this risk with a more advanced network access solution, which hides dedicated gateways from outside users. 
  • Limited scalability & maintenance 
    • Installation and configuration of a legacy VPN are time-consuming compared to modern network access solutions. Without a centralized Control Panel offering ease of license transferability and centralized settings, managing and scaling users across the entire business can be challenging for IT admins. 

Layered technology 

NordLayer is designed to incorporate the best practices within the SASE framework — an overlayed security grid supported by a user-friendly interface. 

NordPass Overview 

NordPass Business is a secure and simple-to-use password management solution designed with the user in mind, reducing risks of unauthorized access to your company systems. NordPass is an intuitive and easy-to-use password manager for businesses and individuals. Designed with the user in mind, built with Zero-knowledge architecture, NordPass allows you to securely access and autofill your passwords, credit card, and other sensitive data anywhere, at any time. 

NordPass Solves For 

  • Company-wide password security 
  • NordPass Business provides employees with a secure and easy-to-use platform where they can store, access, and share work credentials. Additionally, NordPass Business allows solution Owners and Admins to manage users and the security of the business environment under a single pane of glass. 
  • Cyber threat prevention 
  • Enforce built-in security tools such as Password Policy, Password Health, Data Breach Scanner, Company-wide settings, User Activity Log, Single Sign-On, User Provisioning, and others  
  • Compliances 
  • NordPass Business Information Security Management System is certified According to the ISO/IEC 27001:2017 standard and has had its security independently audited by Cure53. NordPass also helps organizations get closer to being GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant. 
  • Cyber insurance cost reduction 
  • NordPass Business may help organizations reduce their Cyber insurance costs by offering state-of-the-art encryption with zero-knowledge architecture. 
  • Ease of use and implementation 
  • NordPass Business offers an easy-to-use and visually appealing user interface designed for quick and effective adoption by any user, regardless of their tech-savviness. Solution Owners and Admins can invite users to the organization individually or by utilizing Microsoft Azure AD’s user provisioning for an effortless enterprise implementation and rollout. 

NordLocker Overview

About NordLocker 

NordLocker is the world’s first end-to-end file encryption tool with a private cloud. 

  • Secure any file on your computer 
  • Encryption is compatible with files of all types and sizes 
  • NordLocker’s file encryption has no limits 
  • Access your encrypted storage wherever you go 
  • NordLocker’s end-to-end encrypted cloud ensures that you alone can see your files – on any computer 
  • Simply drag and drop any file or folder into the app, and it will be encrypted automatically 
  • Open files directly in the app – no need to decrypt them before use. Or after. 

NordLayer, NordPass, and NordLocker products

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