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The May 19th Tradewinds Thursday call welcomed Dobek Bociarski, product lead of UC and UC, from GoTo. He gave an overview of the Contact Center solution that GoTo can offer the Tradewinds Partners.


About GoTo

Since day one, we have helped people and businesses do their best work – simply and securely – from anywhere. Today, work and life are intertwined. At GoTo, we like to think of ourselves as your go-to. We help you focus on the things that matter most throughout the day: your projects, your professions, and even your personal passions.

Why do SMBs fear a contact centre?

There have been frequent scenarios where customers will make the statement that they are not a contact centre.  But when we dive in deeper, we notice that they have a group of people making in/outbound calls.  They would like to have analytics regarding how many calls they are handling and how many calls they are missing.

Contact Centre in the SMB

When asked if there are adequate solutions in the SMB market, the answer came back quite strongly yes. A Contact Centre’s cost is a big issue when adopting a Contact Centre. What customers want is adaptability and simplicity when discussing Contact Centres. The two verticals with the highest growth potential are the Health Industry and the Retail Industry.

Graph showing agents and supervisors today and by end of 2022 with a 42.5% increase in agents by end of 2022 and 44.1% increase in supervisors

GoTo Contact: Three areas of focus

  • Reporting & Analytics
    • Simple to use
    • Fast to access
    • Based on Outcomes
  • Digital Experience
    • Web
    • Social Media
  • Integration
    • Utilize and include various investments that customers have previously made.

How it is done

  • Clear economical pricing
  • 1 day deploy

How the Analytics are tracked:

Images of graphs and analytics

Digital Experience

  • Digital Channels
    • Webchat
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • SMS (available in NA)
    • WhatsApp
  • Omni-Channel Engagement
    • Flip chat to voice call
    • Escalate to a video/collaboration session
    • Start co-browsing

Non-Traditional CaaS Market

  • “Stealth” Contact Centre
  • Mostly smaller businesses
  • High intent to buy
  • Confused and threatened by traditional
  • Need advantages of CCaaS without the trauma of change

Key Needs

  • Quick and easy deploys
  • Fair and simple pricing
  • Top Choice Drivers
    • Core Feature (Queues, outbound, IVR, call back)
    • Analytics
    • Multi-Channel
    • CRM integrations

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