Top 5 Industry Trends to Keep an Eye On

By April 23, 2021 No Comments

2021 is not slowing down, and neither should your business. It is crucial to stay on top of trends that are growing throughout the year. Following industry trends not only keep your business up to date on the changes in the tech industry, but these trends can be a practical way for your business to develop valuable insights into the next direction of growth and expansion. There are five major technology trends in ANZ that you need to keep an eye on.

1 Modern Economic Infrastructure

Three major parts make up the modern digital economy: Cloud computing, edge computing, and 5G. Together these three parts make up the fundamentals for IT applications. Cloud brings applications both control and flexibility. Edge computing extends Cloud computing from one location to the places where data is being captured. Lastly, 5G networks create fast and robust connections.

2 Ambient Computing

IoT and AI are opening more and more new possibilities for businesses. An example of ambient computing would be smart office lighting or Alexa for businesses. The Internet of Things (IoT) keeps getting more advanced, which means more objects can become computing devices. Artificial intelligence (AI) can reduce complexity in tasks and scan environments to understand context and data.

3 Stackable Technologies

Stackable technologies supercharge digitization efforts. Stacking technology can help your business achieve more sophisticated and efficient end results. It can create a significant opportunity to drive new profit streams.

4 Sales Channel Reinvention

Emerging technology can help prompt sales channel reinvention. Businesses need to prioritize the resources and skills required to embrace emerging technologies in their company. These resources and skills can include both technical and sales training for employees and partners.

5 Bridging Gaps

Partnerships can bridge the gaps in the new technology ecosystem. A partnership can bring many benefits to your business because a digital partner can learn from and partner with suppliers on the operational technology side of IT. Benefits can include eliminating distrust, focusing on business impacts, focusing on the revenue stream, and embracing the end-user experience.

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