The World of Technology is an Alphabet Soup!

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These days a telecom glossary is necessary to keep track of the growing number of phrases, acronyms, and idioms of the technology world. They resemble an alphabet soup—messier than most people can handle.

Keeping up with all of the new terms can be difficult, if not impossible, especially without a telecom glossary or reference of some type.

One of the resources we use is Newton’s Telecom Dictionary. Harry Newton, the former publisher of Teleconnect and six other monthly magazines for the telecommunications industry, has compiled an amazing reference for all things telecom.

What? Buy a Telecom Reference Book?

As the description notes, this telecom dictionary is:

“a business dictionary of 30,383 defined technology terms — covering the latest in telecommunications, computing, the Internet, the Internet of Things, networking and social media. It’s a complete dictionary/encyclopedia of today’s information technology. It is used by everyone from salespeople to lawyers, from corporate trainers to college educators, from corporate users to engineers. It is set as a required textbook in colleges teaching telecommunications and information technology. As the cover says, this massive 1440-page book covers everything in voice, data, images, mobile apps and video. The book is written for businesspeople in non-technical language.”

One feature that you would never have thought would be in a dictionary is that many of the definitions are not just an explanation of the technology, but also a primer on how the technology is used. Do’s and don’ts about using the technology. Tips from personal experience. What works and what doesn’t. What to watch out for. Warnings.

The Tradewinds Brokerage Glossary

Yes, I have a Newton’s Telecom Dictionary on my bookshelf—a few actually, from different years—but these days I will typically do a Google search for a new term before I grab my dictionary.

To help our partners, we have compiled a telecom glossary of terms with some of the most frequently sought-after terms. Keeping the PSTN, ITSP, CDR and SBC separate is much easier with this handy telecom glossary.

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